Big Idea #8: Communication
September 6th, 2007 by Frank LaBanca, Ed.D.

I’ve been listening and transcribing my interviews and have heard many students talk about their success and relating it to speaking well and speaking passionately to judges. I’ve repeatedly dismissed this idea in my mind, thinking that the high quality research was really what lead to their success, not good speaking skills.

However, the interview I typed tonight gave me a different impression – one that I think I’ve glossed over too easily. The student said that the research experience has taught her to communicate well. Although this is a by-product of conducting research, and not necessarily part of the problem finding process, I think it is important to consider. Bob W. repeatedly speaks about CSF students as great communicators.

When is it part of the problem finding process? When students professionally speak to those with expertise when trying to gain information. Maybe Pavlica had something more than he realized with his specialized ’email to the scientist’ form. Participating in the process builds these communication skills, and thus may translate into future opportunities for students when developing more sophisticated projects down the line.

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