Big Idea #7: An apparent paradox in idea and workload
August 29th, 2007 by Frank LaBanca, Ed.D.

I’ve had the pleasure of watching some of the recent YouTube videos featuring student George Hotz. George recently unlocked the iPHONE, making it accessible on mobile networks other than AT&T.

Here’s his reveal of unlock.

What I found most interesting in the discussion, as it relates to my research, is that George came up with the problem himself. He identified a need, knew he had most of the expertise, resources, time, etc to complete the task. But George says that he didn’t work in a vaccuum. He utilized help from other people. He was the project manager – it was his idea – it was his discovery – it was his work. However George knew how to utilize the expertise of other people to help him make his breakthrough.

I am finding that many of my ISEF subjects also match this paradigm. They are extremely knowledgeable in their content area, have come up with a fabulous idea on their own, but utitlize expertise that they might not have. They know how and where to find it.

So the work they do themselves is supported with skills and talents of others who help them.

Caveman summary:

idea – MINE; I get help when I know I need it

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